Meet the team

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David Cann

PhD student (2017-2020)

Eco-Innovation PhD project

Project title: Advanced carbon capture by desublimation

This project involves a novel physical process for separation of gases with an initial application to carbon capture, sponsored by ERDF (European Regional Development Fund)and PMW Research Ltd. The process captures CO2 more simply and economically than competing processes. It can be scaled readily for challenging applications such as for industrial or transport emissions where the company sees major future opportunities.


Project title: Decarbonising Gas - The case of the NW Hydrogen Hub

Decarbonisation: Why we must act now?


A3C carbon capture project

This project, led by PMW Technology Ltd., relates to an innovative and potentially disruptive carbon capture process using cryogenic separation of CO2 from industrial processes to manageable forms. The objective is to evaluate the process so that it can be validated and optimised for power plants and/or industrial applications. A key outcome is the preparation of a robust case for further investment in the pilot demonstration to accelerate its commercial application. Project partners include the University of Sheffield, WSP, DNV GL, and Costain. Funded by Innovate UK.


Reace Edwards

PhD Student (2018 - 2021)

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Dr Georgios Lychnos

Visiting Researcher

Postdoctoral Research Associate at PMW Technology Ltd.

Student Placements

Joshua Thompson & Austin Augustin - 2nd year student of Chemical Engineering for 5 weeks in 2019

Katie Russell - 2nd year student of Chemical Engineering for 5 weeks in 2018

Jaskiren Bussan - 1st year student of Chemical Engineering, Summer Placement in 2018



Paul Willson (PMW Technology ltd)